What is the Canoe Trip all about

This is a blog I have been intending to start for sometime now. My canoe trip is another way of describing a quite difficult and lonely journey  A journey living with a serious health condition namely cancer. The big C – scary, frightening but undeniable. It needs to be dealt with. A journey where one needs to paddle ones own canoe.
I will attempt from time to time to make some comments and suggestions. Describe how I am handling things, physically, emotionally and psychologically. From right here and now I have no idea where this blog or indeed this cancer journey will lead. To date (about 18 months) it has been interesting and very informative. 
Hopefully it will help me understand what is happening and, more importantly why. I expect there will be mention of Tai Chi, Qi Kung, Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation, Acupuncture and Diet as part of the process. There will be talk on the usefulness of artistic activities, musical and visual arts and of the role of and effects on family and friends – we are all interdependent.
I will leave it at that for now but will return with further posts. I will have somethings to say, hopefully interesting things. I hope to approach this with an open heart and welcome comments and suggestions on how to proceed.

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