Emotional Rapids – Part 1

A canoe trip has many different aspects – the physical, the psychological and the emotional, among them. This particular posting tries to explore the emotional aspect as I have been experiencing it.
When paddling down a river a series of ‘rapids’ can suddenly appear, almost out of nowhere. In the same way on the canoe trip an equivalent series of emotional rapids have been occurring. They are usually fast and frightening and more often than not they occur in groups. For myself in recent weeks I have experienced a set of emotional rapids. The emotions seem to almost ‘rear up’ out of nowhere and are very strong. The ‘out of nowhere’ aspect is interesting. Among the emotions have been, an extreme sadness in one case and a strong sense of fear in another. I often wonder if the emotions have anything to do with my canoe trip. They are pure emotions, sadness without knowing what the cause of the sadness is and a  feeling of fear but unaware of exactly what to be afraid of.
Are these emotions caused by being on the canoe trip? Are they the reason why the canoe trip is happening at all? If so, do they need to be explored more fully? Probably yes.  Maybe one of the lessons required to be learned on this trip is an understanding of from where these emotions are arising, what is their source? Can the source be found at all?  
More to follow on this ……

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