Does blogging about the Canoe Trip have any effect on the trip itself?

Well, I have been thinking about that recently. Blogging is a method of communication and expression. Both are good. Both are useful. Certainly for myself I get an energy from managing to collect my thoughts and express them in what for me at least is a coherent  and creative manner. I have said in a previous posting that this Canoe Trip is a lonely journey so in a way I may be using this blog to talk with myself or to reach out.

But does any of these actually have any effect on the journey, whether positive or negative? I think it does have a positive effect. There is a certain discipline involved in the act of writing a blog. This discipline needs to be followed in order to collect, organise and then express ones thoughts. In other words it gives you an opportunity to reflect of what is going through your head, make sense or analyse these thoughts and then either to express them or let them go. So in that respect, yes I would say that this blog has a certain therapeutic value.


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